Sports Massage Therapy

As a sports person or fitness fanatic you should be aware of the uses and benefits of Sports massage so that you can make the best of it. Massage can be used to treat specific injuries and be used to remove those general aches and pains that some sports people or fitness fanatics accept as normal due to their gradual build up. You may even be trying to suppress these aches and pains with the use of drugs.

Fatigue can cause joint pain, muscle pain and tendon inflammation which is vital to recover from. These are known as overuse injuries from over training. Over training can also cause bursa inflammation and may include restlessness and difficulty in sleeping.

Training hard in this way, your body can become vulnerable to this trauma and without doing anything about it you may start to suffer from more acute conditions such as severe muscle strain, joint strain or stress fractures which will set you back from increasing fitness, performance, endurance or speed. These types of injuries don’t happen by accident and can be avoided with a more comprehensive approach to recovery.

So if you are training hard whether it is in sport or fitness, it is important to have enough rest time to allow the systems of the body to fully recover between your training sessions and with only 24 hours in a day this may not be possible due to our daily demands unless your rest period is improved.

We all know the importance of warming down and stretching in any fitness programme however you may still be left with local muscle tension preventing full recovery. Sports Massage can be used for general relaxation of the musculo-skeletal system as well as being directed in to local problem areas thereby improving recovery and ensuring that it happens thoroughly. The benefits of sports massage for injury prevention are very high, massage can explore the soft tissue better than any other type of therapy and problems can be diagnosed and treated accurately. Massage will give you a more direct feedback on the changes taking place within the tissues and the massage therapist is aware of these changes through the feeling in their hands. It is through this that your massage can be treated uniquely for your specific needs at that time.