Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage for expecting mums helps you take valuable time out for yourself and connect with your body and your growing baby.

It reduces swollen painful legs and feet, reduces muscle cramps and back pain and calms the nervous system, aiding comfortable sleep. Care must be taken to use softer massage techniques in the first trimester and many women request firmer massage during the second and third trimester as the pelvis and spine start to move and shift.

A hormone called Relaxin is released which makes your joints looser in preparation for the hips to accommodate your growing baby. As your joints loosen, muscles you never knew you had can become tight to compensate for your loose joints.

Tarrin has 2 children and understands the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and what techniques are safe to apply. Tarrin has a pregnancy kit that enables the expecting mum to lie face down as it has recesses for the tummy and breasts. Most pregnancy clients say that it is so comfortable that they want to take it home with them.

Pregnancy massage can help you move better, easing discomfort and allowing you to sleep more comfortably.