Remedial Massage

Remedial comes from the noun remedy, which means, anything that heals, removes, or relieves pain. Hence the adjective remedial – providing a remedy with intention to fix or improve.

The impact that remedial massage can have on problems associated with pain and discomfort can be truly amazing.  Remedial massage looks at the body as a whole or in other words takes a holistic approach to what may be occurring to cause your particular pain or discomfort.

There are a number of different strokes, techniques and stretches that can be used to alter the tension in the offending muscles and to regain flexibility and improve circulation, stiffness and general overall wellbeing.

Muscles that are extremely tense can take quite a bit of work to relieve the tension. Massage strokes in this case will be very superficial until some give is felt by the therapist and more pressure can be applied to achieve the desired result. It is important for your massage therapist to be able to read this tension in the muscles and to adjust the pressure accordingly.

It is also helpful for you to give any feedback to your therapist about what you are feeling.



Remedial Massage will help ease problems associated with

Benefits of Remedial Massage